About Us

Confessions of a Community Manager is the online community management web comic that chronicles the adventures of community managers seeking sanity as they navigate the complex world of online community members, super fans, and the only slightly terrifying daily grind of keeping communities healthy.

Created by Jake McKee and Greg Hyland, this creative duo has been working together on and off for more than 17 years.

Jake McKee is one of the founders of the modern customer community movement. He led Apple’s Global Support Communities and pioneered efforts at LEGO to engage its adult users in a community. He’s helped firms like Southwest Airlines, Canon, and H&R Block build customer communities. Jake currently runs Community5, a consulting practice focused on helping organizations drive more success with their online communities,  fan engagement programs, and product development processes. He also manages the Dinner5 project, a monthly dinner series that brings senior community leaders together. You can find more about Jake at CommunityGuy.com.

Greg Hyland is a writer, illustrator, designer and storyboard artist who is known for his work with The LEGO Group, and has illustrated several card games for Steve Jackson Games, including including Munchkin Fu, Burn In Hell, and Munchkin Zombies Artist Edition. Recently, he has co-authored and illustrated three volumes of Monster Atlas books (www.monsteratlas.com) and is the creator of two webcomics, Lethargic Lad (www.lethargiclad.com) and, most recently, Frog Crisis (www.frogcrisis.com and www.patreon.com/frogcrisis).