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Confessions of a Community Manager is a weekly(ish) comic strip that  brings a little levity into the world of community management. Community Management is a 24/7/365 labor of love that brings out some of the most beautiful parts of human nature….and also some of the worst. Bringing an extra bit of levity into the lives of Community Professionals is part of helping our industry stay happy and healthy. We all succeed when we are operating from a place of joy.


Current sponsors

Thank you to our current sponsor, Vanilla Forums! A wonderful team giving so much back to our Community Professionals community!



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  • Social media promotional mentions during promotions of comics, associating your brand with the Home Game comic in front of the overall Community Professionals community
  • Promotions on-site and in certain associated comic content posts
  • Additional benefits

Sponsorship costs

Full Sponsor: $2500
Elite sponsorships get you all the attention and love and call outs from the Home Game creators for a 3 month period. We really talk up how great you are and how much joy you’re helping to bring to the community of Community Professionals. You’ll be a hero. Contact Jake to discuss.

Partial Sponsor: $250 – $2500 
A range of options exist for Partial Sponsors, depending on the sponsorship level. There are limited Partial Sponsorships for 3 month periods. Contact Jake to discuss.