As a community professional who studies social group dynamics, I simply can’t believe I’m watching the President of the United States, no matter what his party affiliation, purposefully escalate tensions in the country. I can’t believe I’m watching so many police and National Guard escalate tensions with police brutality protestors by being even more brutal with those protestors. Escalation is the language of violence, not peace. Violence is division. And the last thing any of us needs is more division.

As my friends over at @BevyHQ said so eloquently a couple days ago: To be silent is to take sides. We strongly oppose racial injustice.

Today is not a day, and this post is not a post for a ton of words or a bunch of my insights. It’s a post simply to say that Greg and I strongly oppose racial injustice.

We stand with you, my friends.

If you’re interested in what I’m consuming right now, here’s three top picks. I’m trying to listen more, talk less.

  1. Watch this Trevor Noah video. It’s brilliant and powerful.

2. Read this list of to-dos. Then do them. I’m working through them myself.


3. Read this list and take it all to heart (especially line item #1: talk less, listen more)