Excited to announce a new sponsor!

It is with great enthusiasm that I get to announce today Confessions of a Community Manager’s first sponsor: Vanilla Forums!

My friends at Vanilla have agreed to sponsor Confessions of a Community Manager in a way that will help Greg and I produce a number of strips in the comic weeks, so stay tuned for some great stuff coming soon! This means that Confessions will continue on beyond our initial and limited planned run of only 10 strips!

I have been blown away by the generosity that the Vanilla team has continued to show towards the Community Professional community. They are truly an amazing partner and participant in our community. More than a year ago they were the first group I approached with my crazy Dinner5 idea and they immediately understand the idea and stepped up to help out. And they did the same thing with Confessions of an Online Community Manager.

And they have some awesome and affordable forum software to boot! (They’re based in Canada, so I’d be remiss if I didn’t say you should give them a call to talk … a boot it… )

Huge thanks to Vanilla! We couldn’t do this project without great sponsors like y’all!