Welcome to Confessions of a Community Manager!

Thank you for stopping by our little corner of the Global Pandemic!

I started this web comic to help give a little bit of something back to the community managers of the world as we worked through a difficult time in history, a period that really called on Community Managers and Professionals in a way we haven’t been called on before.

Greg Hyland and I worked on this little project called AFOLs many years back when I was working at LEGO and trying to get my colleagues to pay attention to the Adult fans. It was one of the most successful projects of my career and also one of the most fun.

When the global pandemic came along, I needed a distraction and a way to offer some levity back to the world of Community Professionals who I could see were working hard. Really hard. I called up Greg and Home Game was born.

Confessions publishes regularly, and we’ll go on as long as we feel like we have something to add during and after the pandemic. And as long as we have sponsors. Hint hint.

And yes, we’ll do our best to include my cat, Marcello. AKA Marcello the Fancy Business Cat.

And yes, he really does wear a bow tie to the (home) office every day. That’s just how he rolls.